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Wedding Photography Packages:

When you’re shortlisting Wedding Photographers, the next step is to get an estimate, find out about how much the Wedding Photography Prices & Packages will come up to.

Typically, one size does not fit all and I’ll explain why?

Please find a rough estimate below:

Medium Size Events: Approx 250 Guests.

Candid Wedding Photographer

Traditional Wedding Photographer

Traditional Video Grapher

Couple Photoshoot

High-Quality Photo Book Album

Approx. Rs. 1,15,000/-


How much do you charge for Wedding Photography?

The most frequent question I receive from wedding couples is how much would it cost me?
A ballpark answer would be around Rs. 85,000/- upwards.

Candid Photographer Rs. 35,000/-
Traditional Wedding Photographer Rs. 25,000/-
Cinematic Wedding Video Rs. 65,000/-

Once we go through the schedule, location, duration and dates I’d be in a better position to provide best rates and suggest what kind of photography and skill sets are most suitable for your wedding.


Why is it’s sometimes difficult to exactly project, how much it would cost to cover wedding photography?

Every Wedding Ceremony or Reception is a little bit different. When locations and lighting change (day/ night/ interiors/ exteriors/ depth/ background) that mostly means that we will need to plan for different kind of lighting , equipment and sometimes crew members. Based on the duration of the events and the time between them, the crew charges also differ. Sometimes you might need a more skilled photographer or cameraman and other times you might not need to spend so much depending on the type of photography suitable for the location and ceremony.

From my experience more often than not; compromises are made when we confine ourselves to a package or budget because truly one size doesn’t fit all and everything cannot be fixed in Photoshop.

I cannot emphasise the need for traditional photography for Weddings in India. Although couples are looking to prioritise on candid photography, most of the pictures that get picked into the album are posed photographs where the couple and family members are smiling away.  Banking on just candid photography for a wedding without traditional or posed photography is quite a risk, family members expectations are also usually high on traditional and group photographs.