Why Malaysia has been a top pick for destination weddings?

indian destination wedding in malaysia island beach wedding (9)

While planning your destination wedding, Malaysia and South East Asia has always been the top choice for destination weddings for couples from all over the world. The islands are still beautiful and surprisingly clean with beautiful emerald green water. Malaysia is rich in culture, diverse ethnicity and beauty. It makes for a gorgeous location for couple and wedding […]

Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens Review – Wedding Photographer

Here is my honest review of the Sigma 20 mm f1/1.4 Art Lens. This is a wedding photography review of the lens. The results: I’d rate the lens a 3 out 5 stars. It’s a really amazing prime lens with the most awesome effective wide range. However, the Sigma 20 mm f1/1.4 Art Lens doesn’t […]

Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Photography can be light-hearted and pleasurable. Weddings are often very tiring, overwhelming and hectic; especially for couples. The bride and groom endure through so many ceremonies and rituals. Welcoming and reconnecting with a multitude of guests and smiling for long hours takes out the joy of the moment. Having a tight schedule to […]

Entire Wedding on an iPhone is it a myth

DSLR vs iPhone covering an entire wedding on an iPhone. Wedding photography and wedding highlights video are popular deliverables with most candid photographer teams that I know of in Bangalore. While it is possible to do both videos and photos with most types of cameras there isnt one single camera that completely gets the job […]

Five tips to have a successful wedding flash mob

Flash mobs are the rage at weddings. Adding that dash of surprise and wonder, they add that memorable touch to your wedding reception. What better way to immortalise your day, involve your loved ones and relive the fun when you watch your wedding video? Here’s a quick checklist to help ensure your shaadi (wedding) flash […]

A bride’s guide to Koramangala

South Indian Wedding Photography

Koramangala—a suburb of Bangalore, now Bengaluru—often has a reputation for being ‘happening’. Clubs, pubs, eating joints and a lively stream of hip Bangaloreans frequent the area making it a popular spot for weekend revelry. How often I’ve heard friends ask ‘Where to?’ on a Saturday night and the answer is often ‘Koramangala!’ After more than […]

Baby Photography

baby photography bangalore

Babies are so adorable and a pleasure to photograph. Everybody loves photographing babies. Professional shoots might be a little more challenging but at the same time it’s so rewarding to capture beautiful moments of our little ones. If you are interested in booking a session, please share your details below or WhatsApp or call +919880124414 Look out […]

Glamour Wedding Photography Bangalore

Wedding Photography Bangalore

Fashion style professional wedding photograph & Glamour Wedding Photography Bangalore. India’s top wedding photographers in Bangalore bring their experience to the most beautiful fashion style Wedding Photography Shoots in Bangalore. Glamour Wedding Photography Timeless Wedding Moments brings our agency photography and portraiture crew and experience to create fashion photography portfolio shoots for wedding couples. The photo-shoots are […]