Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Photography can be light-hearted and pleasurable. Weddings are often very tiring, overwhelming and hectic; especially for couples. The bride and groom endure through so many ceremonies and rituals. Welcoming and reconnecting with a multitude of guests and smiling for long hours takes out the joy of the moment. Having a tight schedule to also squeeze in couple photographs is mostly overwhelming for couples. Especially, if they have planned big weddings that are spread over more than a day. If you anticipate having a very hectic schedule on your wedding day, you might not have enough time to deal with everything on one single day. We highly recommend a pre-wedding photo shoot. This way the bride and groom could comfortably pose for all the pictures that they’ve always dreamed of having but wasn’t possible for lack of time. Invite your best men and bride’s maids too. We plan innovative props, locations and have fun themes around comedy, high-fashion and nature. The styling could be simple, casual or glamorous and elegant.

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