Natural hair: Is maintaining curly hair my new job?

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An Indian curlie’s take on the world of twists and whirls

I work in an office with a lot of chic, cosmopolitan ladies. Hair is one of the topics of conversation that keep popping up and all of us throw our three cents (or three paise as the case may be!) into the ring. Shampoos, conditioners, champi (oil massage) we are very thorough. One day, a straight- haired colleague approached me and said in a calm, but slightly hushed tone: Girl, I actually have curly hair—not like yours of course—but “thick Mangalorean frizzy” hair! I was frankly shell-shocked, here is a lady with a shiny straight-haired mane sitting alluringly on her shoulders and she actually has curly hair?! Yes apparently she spends close to two hours taming it into submission with a powerful blow dryer and hair iron and ends up with a thick, silky very straight mane that folks think she’s born with—well wash, blow dry, iron, repeat!

Well this incident got me thinking- why is it we’re ready to invest time—2 hours in this case—and money—those power tools, uhm the hair iron that can transform Mangalorean hair into straight strands of silk, don’t come cheap—to get straight hair but curlies like us, are sometimes not willing to lift a finger except reach for our favourite hair tie to get that bun in place. In short, beautiful hair might need some tender loving care (TLC), and yes that means investing time, money and effort to get those results.

Is it easier than running a comb through a flat ironed mane in the morning? Definitely not. Can you flick your hair back like those hair oil commercials and watch your hair glide back into place like a silken black curtain? Indian girls know what I’m talking about. Well the answer is sometimes you may try to lift your hair but find that you can’t remove your fingers from the tangles  Yes it happens occasionally.

In my hair journey or adventure as the case may be, I’ve reached a place of acceptance. Acceptance that God don’t make no mistakes- every hair type is beautiful. Yes you may need a customized routine. Yes there’ll be a time when you find the routine needs adjustment on account of the weather, the humidity, hormones, etc. but there’s hope and it’s a wonderful place to be. Remember there are girls out there with thinning hair who would give anything to have what you’re taking for granted. Celebrate your natural hair! Whirl them curls!