Five tips to have a successful wedding flash mob

Flash mobs are the rage at weddings. Adding that dash of surprise and wonder, they add that memorable touch to your wedding reception.

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What better way to immortalise your day, involve your loved ones and relive the fun when you watch your wedding video?

Here’s a quick checklist to help ensure your shaadi (wedding) flash mob is a rip-roaring success!

  1. Get a good coordinator cum choreographer

You need a leader for the troupe- someone who will rally the troops, teach them the dance, groom your friends and family, helping them achieve your vision at your wedding. We’d suggest perhaps getting two coordinators- maybe one male, one female to collaborate and motivate the whole crew to pull off the mob. These folks need to be able to come up with cool steps and teach the others—they should be firm enough to handle possible hecklers yet patient enough to train the slower learners.

  1. Choose a catchy song

Next up, you need a great song! What flash mob would be complete without a uber cool song that everyone can groove to? You need the guests at your wedding to be wowed and a great tune can do the trick!

  1. Practice, practice, practice!

Yeah, fitting in dance practice sessions in the build up to your wedding can be a nightmare, but it’ll surely be worth it. There’s no option but multiple practice sessions to get everyone in sync.

  1. Keep your wedding photographer and videographer informed

In all the chaos of the wedding reception and given that flash mobs start small and build momentum slowly, you need ensure you’ve given a heads up to your wedding photographer. He/she needs to be ready to capture the moment when it starts and so it won’t do if he/she’s across the room snapping the cake when the mob begins.

  1. Have fun and it will be contagious!

Last but not least, it’s your wedding so make sure you’re smiling and having the time of your life. Seeing your friends and family grooving to a tune just to make your day will definitely be cause for you to flash those pearly whites, so relax and let the merriment take over!

Good luck!