A bride’s guide to Koramangala

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Koramangala—a suburb of Bangalore, now Bengaluru—often has a reputation for being ‘happening’. Clubs, pubs, eating joints and a lively stream of hip Bangaloreans frequent the area making it a popular spot for weekend revelry. How often I’ve heard friends ask ‘Where to?’ on a Saturday night and the answer is often ‘Koramangala!’

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After more than two years here, I still feel like I’m discovering the place. I started to wonder what if I was a bride and was hemmed in Koramangala- I couldn’t venture out but had to get all I needed to do for my wedding done here – was it possible? Could I manage? Keep in mind the brands I mention here are the ones I’ve tried myself- not heard of from friends or colleagues but ones well I’ve tried out and found suitable for the specific requirement.

Let’s get started with the basics- where would I go for my pre-bridal treatments for my wedding? I’d need to get myself in shape definitely so would head for the nearest gym—I’ve personally tried Fitness First (alas, it’s now closed as on 10 May’16) and the National Games Village’s Fitness Café—both supremely different, but yeah would get the job done in shaping my body in a presentable form for all that bridal attention.

Next up I’d need to ensure my hair and skin would have the gloss and sheen that would dazzle the groom and guests at my wedding. Why not head to any one of the prominent cosmetologists—I’ve tried the Cosmetology Clinic, they do have some good peels which can prep your skin well—and leading salons including Bounce for hair magic. Again please keep in mind, these are the ones I’ve tried personally and come away with some good results.

A bride ain’t a bride without some wedding finery right? Choose some glitter (read gold and diamonds) from any one of the jewelers in Koramangala—I know I’ve been happy with Tanishq and Kalyan—but again these are just the ones I’ve purchased from- you can take your pick for your wedding sparkles from Senco, Orra, Malabar Gold and Diamonds to name a few.

How we doing so far? Oh yes, a wedding dress! How could any function be complete without some gorgeous garments fit for a bride on her big day! Head on out to Forum—I’ve personally bought from Sochh—or give your blouse/dress orders to any one of the boutique tailors in Koramanagala to sow you an outfit that fits in with your imagination!

And last but not least, what about photographs and videography? After all the hard work, you need to look your best in your wedding photographs right? I mean those babies last a lifetime, you’ll be grinning at yourself twenty years down the line when you gaze at the mantlepiece where your wedding pic is framed. For that you need a photographer you can trust, one who’ll be on time, reduce your stress, pose you and give your photographs the cinematographic feel you know will add that dimension of awesomeness to your wedding. I’d recommend Timeless Wedding Moments—again from personal experience–a Koramangala-based photographer and short film maker to capture your love in magical frames.

That’s it folks! Where you gonna head in Koramangala? Maybe we’ll see each other on Saturday night!