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Babies are so adorable and a pleasure to photograph. Everybody loves photographing babies. Professional shoots might be a little more challenging but at the same time it’s so rewarding to capture beautiful moments of our little ones.

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“For mother’s who would love to experience the growing beauty of their children blossom. Mark’s portraiture photography celebrates the natural beauty of babies & parenthood.”

Birthday & Baby Photography Enquiries


  • 4-hour photo shoot session at your venue
  • Approx 200+ edited photos
  • 3 outfit changes
  • Family portrait
  • Behind the scenes

It’s an honor to produce the very best professional photography for the following services:

  • Newborn baby photography
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Baby photoshoot
  • Baby Documentary Video
  • Family Portraits

Some of the things I do:

Carry are a ton of props (baby accessories, flooring, different background colors, carpets, etc.,); I also go through accessories and dresses that the parents may have.  A couple of pre-production meetings might be required to understand the child better; their daily schedules, what clothes and colors suit them, how comfortable they are with accessories, hair, and styling. Mommie’s party dresses and accessories also make great backgrounds and rich props. We go through some photographs online too and decide on some of the poses before the shoot.

top baby photography bangalore

Sometimes it’s difficult to set a regular photography shoot schedule with babies; many times baby photography shoots extend over two days or even more.  Although it’s fun to visualize sets, art design and have styling and props come together, it’s not always that easy. With babies, we have to be ready and quick to capture a moment. I find it helpful to have parents really close to their children and mostly have photo-shoots at home. This helps the babies feel safer and keep them in a comfortable atmosphere. I try and not disturb their regular schedule too much. Tiring them out or forcing them to do things they don’t feel like are a big NO-NO! I’m always well prepared so that we can work fast and get a couple of clicks while we can.

When the baby has had enough it’s time to wrap up for the day!

I usually set up a background a texture for the floor or crib.  I try and use constant video lights along with available lights and only bounce strobe lights or flashes if really required. Babies mostly just lay back but they allow us to adjust them a little. I start working with that and then we try and add props and accessories.

We also produce commercial baby photography and video shoots for Indian brands where we work with models, stylists, make-up artists, etc at professional studio sets.


The best photographs usually turn out while babies are asleep and that’s why babies from a few days old to around 3 months are ideal. They sleep quite frequently and they are not very mobile and don’t move much. That makes it easy to keep them in focus.  Some of the best captures could be when they sleep. The younger they are the more they rest. Babies are real angels but also bundles of energy who don’t like to stay still or pose.  The best age for baby photography could be as early as when they are only ten days old.

For older children; around two years upwards it’s good to be prepared with more changes lots of dresses and accessories. It’s easier to change them into different clothes and accessories while little ones who sometimes get a bit cranky try and pull them off. I usually finish off with some family portraiture shots along with mom and dad.

What I’ve realized is that it’s important to have a few pics of the babies as they are, their little sweethearts won’t look the same always!

Our baby photographs draw a lot of attention, We have taken down most of our baby photography pictures for the security and privacy of our little ones. We could set up a meeting and I’d be happy to take you through my photographs. We are based in Bangalore and most of our photo-shoots have been in Bangalore, I, however, travel on shoots and productions often to Mumbai and Delhi too.

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