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Our story telling through images make us unique. Our documentary and cinematic style and experience guarantee that your special moments will be captured and preserved as beautiful memories. Moreover, our team has over 15 years experience in fashion and professional shoots for commercial brands.

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Candid Wedding Photography Bangalore

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What is candid wedding photography? Candid wedding photography is simply a non intrusive way of beautifully documenting a wedding.

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With photo-journalistic or candid wedding photography our wedding couples and guests may chose to simply ignore the  cameras and photographer, enjoy their wedding and focus on what’s important to them. It’s a documentary type of wedding photography or photojournalism where the camera is treated like a fly on the wall. The approach is a behind the scenes type of capture of the wedding where the couple doesn’t really have to pose.

To some candid wedding photography might be using a telephoto lens or shooting closeups with a 50mm prime lens to get a lot of shallow depth of field. Although some photographs might look that way these are not recipes to capturing candid shots. Our photographers use telephoto or zoom lenses so that they may step back, give the couple enough space to be their natural selves and then capture their real emotions by zooming in to bring the focus back to the wedding couple.

At Timeless Wedding Moments; We take great care to bring out the best candid wedding photography in India by being prepared to capture the most beautiful emotions with the right lighting.