13 Wedding Photography tips for Couples

Nisha in her Wedding gown

These are the must know tips and tricks for making every photograph count at weddings. From elegant to cute to candid to contemporary, we’ve listed a comprehensive list of pointers for photographers and couples that make wedding photography a breeze! Wedding photography decoded!

Firstly congratulations! You’re headed to the altar and an amazing emotional and beautiful experience awaits you- no wonder you want amazing pictures to cherish forever. With a few simple tips, you are sure to get great pictures of your special day.

Without further ado let’s get started with pointers for being your photogenic best on your wedding day:


#1 Take your time!

Allocate enough time and more for all the shots you would need covered. We usually go over a rough list of frames that we are planning to use for backgrounds for your wedding photography. Sometimes during the celebrations you may need to be present for many important decisions or experience unexpected delays. It helps to keep buffer time and have a slightly relaxed agenda.

#2 Smile!

Don’t get too tied up into perfection and try and not be stressed. Stay strong with your partner and affirm that small things will not affect your mood. Everyone may not always be pleased but it’s alright. Take it easy and spend time to enjoy your wedding instead of running in all directions. Keep in mind what’s truly important; the both of you.

#3 And the world smiles with you!

Remind your best bridesmaids and especially your best man to look their best and to wear a smile too. A grumpy bridesmaid can ruin some perfect shots especially while walking down the aisle. A wedding planner or responsible friend may take on the responsibility as a coordinator to keep you away from all the stress during your special day. Advice them to take the call when needed and leave you to enjoy every moment of your special day.

#4 All eyes on the bride.

It’s true! Focus is always on the bride and that’s a good thing for the men, it gives the grooms a lot of time to relax. Make sure to support your bride with a lot of patience, encouragement and work as a team.

#5 Take it slow!

When you walk down the aisle, embrace, exchange rings or garlands; remember, smile and take it slow. We guide the wedding entourage to walk slowly and smile beautifully during the ceremony in case they do forget.

#5 Don’t miss a wink! Don’t miss a click!

Be sure to stay hydrated and get a good night’s rest before the wedding. Appoint a family member to be a point of contact with the wedding photography team. This will help get important family members together for the formal wedding photography shoots on time. Have a list of important shots or families that need to be covered. We don’t want to miss that special aunt or baby nephew at your wedding.

#4 Walk-through.

Take the time before the wedding to visit the venue with our wedding photographer. Help walk us through the location and agenda. During the walk-through, our photographer may guide you through the best locations at the venue.

#6 Get the nod!

It’s good to get the nod in advance from the facilities, religious head or hotel staff. Explain the lighting, equipment and locations within the venue or the wedding photography that you are planning. Make a note of their mobile number so that they may be easily contacted in case something is not arranged during the wedding photography. It’s good to go along with the photographer after the walk through and procure permissions for the kind of shots you are planning to do. Sometimes some parts of the venue are sealed off for another reception party or a religious place might not allow a certain kind of lighting or not have access to electricity or generator power. It’s good not to have last minute surprises.

#7 Great expectations!

I personally spend time with all our couples much before the wedding to understand their expectations. We run through photographs and videos they like and also show them some of our shots to explain what kind of photographs they might expect. If possible we also look at decor, stage designs and lighting choices that affect wedding photography. We clearly discus timelines, equipment, crew and the types of wedding photography we recommend for their big day: Formal photography or Candid photography?. Post wedding or pre wedding photography? Traditional wedding photography or fashion styled photography?

#8 Detail!

We also discuss details; couples might be sensitive about concealing a double chin or have their arms look slimmer, sometimes they are not comfortable with a certain kind of posing. We take time to carefully understand and select poses or angles that play down these features and enhance their best side. Sometimes it is necessary to have a female wedding photographer for some sensitive shots like the makeup, dressing room or changing of traditional apparel.

#9 Candid Photography.

There has been a growing trend towards candid photography. What do we mean by candid photography? Sometimes, we really don’t know what to expect. In short, candid photography is a behind the scenes style of photography where our wedding photographers candidly capture moments. Photographs may be wide shots to establish a location or ceremony; or close-ups to capture priceless expressions.

#10 Posing.

We’ve always got great ideas for posing on your wedding day! If you would like to look your best a simple exercise would be to practice some poses from a magazine or from the internet against a mirror. We’re always prepared with a tone of poses and looks ready. We make sure to tell the bride to lower her chin, look in a certain direction or hold her bouquet a little lower so that it would look better in her photos.

#12 Manage the family photographers.

We usually give a few minutes to the family to snap the couple in-between our shots. It’s important though to have a coordinator to carefully and gently advice family photographers without being offensive,  to give space to the photographer. Reassure them that the photographs will be shared with everyone.

#13 Keep it small!

Sometimes different teams of photographers and video are engaged by both sides of the couple. The result is almost the same photographs are found in both sets of albums and a lot of photographs are spoilt with a large unnecessary crew or equipment all over the place appearing in the frames.