Wedding photography Bangalore Venue tips & trends

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Wedding Photorgraphy Bangalore
Wedding Photography Bangalore

Wedding photography Bangalore – would mean selecting a venue that compliments your theme and brings out the best in your wedding. Not to worry though, Bangalore, India’s breezy garden city, offers a lovely selection of venues, suitable for all budgets, tastes  and requirements. With different packages and cost factors, food selection and proximity to the city, “namma Bengaluru” has a diverse selection of picture perfect locations for beautiful wedding photography.

After all, your wedding venue is  crucial to the success of your wedding and happiness of  the couple and the guests- that’s reportedly the first thing any invitee looks at on your wedding invitation!

Let’s first look at why a venue’s important for Wedding Photography.

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A creative skilled photographer can make the best out of any situation, true, but hey! a beautiful textured background, soft lighting and tasteful decor can only add to both the post and pre wedding photography shoots. Couple poses near the swimming pool, garden or candid photography Bangalore ‘s skyline in the background are delightful, no question! Photographs like that would find pride of place in wedding albums and display pics for sure.

Your wedding photography would need a good backdrop so that your memories are as beautiful as the two of you, on your wedding day.

#1 Wedding halls determine the turnout!

In a city as famous for its beautiful parks as it is for its traffic, the pick of wedding venue in Bangalore determines how many guests will make it for your big day and equally importantly, whether they’ll be present on time.  Your Wedding Photographer will also be able to get amazing candid shots provided the crowd is present and lively. You want a nice assortment of your family, friends and loved ones to be present when you make your grand entrance don’t you?

#2 Ambiance and food add to the wedding experience

Thankfully Bangalore’s beautiful selection of wedding venues offer packages inclusive of decor and food. They are exclusive as well. A good buffet, starters and lovely decor will only enhance the magic of your wedding so these are also to be carefully selected.

What factors beside the rates? Food and proximity to the main city; should you consider booking a wedding venue that will provide some interesting frames for Wedding Photography as well.

Here are some pointers/ tips:

#1 Is it well lit?

Photography has often been called the language of lighting- so good lighting is essential for great photographs and candid photography. A well lit ambiance is the best for wedding photography Bangalore provides just that almost throughout the year with it’s pleasant weather and overcast skies – if you have natural lighting- all the better!  You want  to give the best possible  launch pad to your wedding photographer and go for the best results.

#2 Do they offer any add-on’s?

Most venues, particularly hotels in Bangalore offer a complimentary stay on the day of the occasion- this is both for weddings and anniversary celebrations- why not culminate a memorable day with an unforgettable night? The rooms can also be used for  prep shots for wedding photography and pre wedding photography.

#3 Do they have good facilities?

Ample parking for your wedding guests is a must, so are clean washrooms. Other add ons could include provisions  for special food for guests who might need some extra care, so be sure to ask beforehand. For example, at my wedding a dear aunt was allergic to pepper in any form and my wedding hotel had no issues providing special pepper free food for her completely free of cost, more as a courtesy. I have a beautiful picture of her grinning from ear to ear with us.

Now that we’ve deliberated on how important the selection of venue is for convenience and wedding photography in Bangalore, let’s go through what you can choose from when it comes to wedding halls, hotels, clubs and venues. Congrats and here’s to Timeless Wedding Moments on your wedding day!

Hotels for Wedding Photography Bangalore

Luxury wedding halls: Right from the Oberoi’s Orchid Room to the Sheraton’s Pre-function area or Grand ballroom, luxury wedding halls include the following:

Gateway hotel’s Gardenside Hall,Taj West End’s Prince of Wales Lawn & the Oberoi’s many selections, all equally elegant and high end.

Gorgeous landscaped gardens, chandeliers that ooze elegance and wooden flooring will only add class to wedding photography Bangalore.

Medium budget wedding venues: For packages which don’t burn a hole in your pocket why not host your wedding in one of these mid range Bangalore wedding venues:

The Grand Magrath on Richmond road- the venue is very convenient! Pride Hotel, Sovereign at the Heritage Hotel are also beautiful and tasteful venues for wedding photography Bangalore.

Kalyanamantapas for Wedding Photography Bangalore

These are also very popular choices and there are very many suitable wedding destinations with varied rates in Bangalore. The popular choices include: Abhimaani Inn And Convention Center which is in Basaveshwara Nagar, ISKCON Kalyana Mantapa on Dwarakapuri Chord Road and Mangala Kalyana Mantapa located on Koramangala’s popular 80 Feet Road. These venues too have a charm of their own for wedding photography.

Halls & Auditoriums for Wedding Photography Bangalore

PMR Memorial Hall, St. Joseph’s auditorium and St. Patrick’s Hall are some of the front runners here- there’s loads more to choose from, the ones listed here are merely indicative.

Ultimately your special day is special as two hearts melt into one, but you want to add to that happiness by celebrating at an amazing location and immortalizing it in wedding photography Bangalore. Bengaluru has it all when it comes to beautiful venues with landscaped gardens,  great food and romantic ambience all a great setting for wedding photography.