At Timeless Wedding Moments we provide Candid Wedding Photography in Bangalore and fine art portraiture wedding photography.

Mark DSouza, Timeless Wedding Moments

Candid Wedding Photography, Bangalore. India.

Is a documentary and corporate filmmakers, candid and documentary style of photography comes naturally to us. We also work on advertisement commercial and fashion photography. So we know our professional and technical stuff; we’re experts at lighting and equipment. We started creating beautiful Wedding Short Films for our friends and then also provided candid wedding photography in Bangalore and high-end luxury wedding shoots for couples.


Professional Photography

I started my career with design and usability and producing professional photo shoots for agencies and commercial videos for some of India’s top brands on-line. I decided to also take up wedding photography for some respite from the corporate and commercial shoots to enjoy film-making and candid wedding photography during live events.

Pre Wedding Photography Bangalore. Compositing. Wedding photography umberella railway tracks - Wedding Phoographer Mark DSouza

Sometimes, it’s not just the camera or the person behind the camera but also the people behind them. As a cinema director with over 15 years of experience, preparing for any shoot and planning ahead is the secret to a good shoot. It’s called pre-production. Every shot is predetermined, the right person needs to be at the right location at the right time; photography is not random or by luck. And I take this experience seriously throughout all our services; formal group photography, photojournalism, luxury post wedding or candid wedding photography.

From our years of commercial experience working with clients like Pepsi, Fastrack, GE, Aditya Birla Group, IPL, USL, Himalaya HealthCare and almost all major corporate and IT groups in Bangalore; we’ve learned to plan ahead. This is why we treat our wedding couples with special care; Just like we would any of our professional clients, stars and actors.


At Timeless Wedding Moments we’re all about giving wedding photographs and wedding video that professional fashion-magazine like edge! Clean crisp shots, great lighting and small touches that transform intimate moments into beautiful memories. We’re always producing the most stunning Wedding Photography in Bangalore by constantly learning and updating our skills, equipment and the way we approach shoots.



Our cinematic approach of storytelling through images makes us quite different. All our shots, shoots, poses, lighting and locations are always planned ahead. We’re thinking about putting photographs together as a story under a theme much before we pick up our cameras. It helps to have someone looking at the larger picture and not confined to a view finder.

Wedding Photographer in Bangalore
Wedding Photographer in Bangalore

Working with a talented and experienced crew, we’re able to identify candid photographic moments and are ready to capture them before they happen. Our best strength has always been to translate ordinary-everyday shots to make them creative, magical, natural and most of all beautiful.

We’re based in Bangalore and like most Bangaloreans, we have a friendly and adjusting approach towards all our wedding couples and their families, we keep them at ease and far away from all the stresses related to their photography and video. We take up the entire responsibility to have all the sequents of event flow organically without much intervention or disturbance from the photography.


Candid Wedding Photographer

Candid wedding photography is extremely fun and always challenging since we don’t always get the most suitable locations or lights, like we do at a professional studio. Consistently capturing beautiful candid wedding clicks is not only an art but takes skill and heaps of experience. You get only one chance! You want to make sure that you have sufficient photographers with the right creative and technical skill to click those moments and capture your love story.

Candid Wedding Photography Bangalore

Every wedding is unique, couple’s preferences vary. Our 15 years of experience with Commercial fashion Photography and ad-films helps! Our crew has over 10 years experience in Wedding Photography. We’ve learnt to carefully plan for your photography shoots to ensure you get the best.


Wedding Photographer in Bangalore
Wedding Photographer in Bangalore

We meet with the wedding couples and understand the kind of pictures they would be expecting. We discuss important clicks that need to capture. We carefully find out what your preferences and apprehensions maybe? We want to be clever at effectively managing time, resources and also advice our wedding couples with professional poses to look their best during photo-sessions.

Being enamored by real connections and beautiful moments at weddings is always satisfying; We’re not looking “to fix it in post” or depend on Photoshop to simply convert your pictures to black and whites because they were not exposed right. We’ll light and shoot your pictures perfectly to give you crisp, sharp vibrant photographs.

Every one of us, at Timeless Wedding Moments, are genuinely passionate about capturing your most amazing emotions. Our years of experience and professional discipline help us capture these moments even between chaotic environments.

Do connect with us to discuss your candid wedding photography or wedding short film. We expertise in high-end wedding photography and luxury weddings too. Even if we’re not the right set-up for you, we’d be really happy to point you in the right direction or give you some good ideas if you’re on a budget.