Candid Wedding Photography Bangalore

Our story telling through images make us unique. Our documentary and cinematic style and experience guarantee that your special moments will be captured and preserved as beautiful memories. Moreover our team has over 10 years experience in fashion and professional shoots for commercial brands. Candid Wedding Photography Bangalore   Candid Wedding Enquiry Form Please connect with us using the […]

Professional WhatsApp Status Updates: Whats Status

Updating your Social Media If you are like me and love photography, you’re probably always traveling. And as an entrepreneur of a small business:Wedding Photography, You’re also going to have to handle marketing. This is one of the areas where most of us slack. Regularly updating content could be quite daunting. Updating and keeping up […]

3 clever tips to look slim in photos: Women’s Kurtas & Kurtis!

What should I wear for a casual photo shoot? Or rather what shall I wear to look slim? This is one of the most common questions I receive while planning a photography shoot. Discover clever styling tips with Women’s Kurtas & Kurtis can get you the desired shape and make you look slim in your photos! While planning to […]

Ranveer Singh | Twitter

Ranveer Singh is famous for his candid conversations, his boisterous ways and chilled out attitude. What really stands out is his sense of style, he is a dream come true for any photographer and fashion designer. His posts on Twitter that he leaves for his fans are always gold. The Love Story of a Warrior …… […]

Ethnico App Review

I don’t know about you, but in my leisure time, there’s nothing better than curling up on my couch and browsing the internet for the latest trends, tidbits and soaking up the latest in fashion. It’s easy on the mind, and hey I love the ideas I glean, saving them away for later use. I […]

Natural hair: Is maintaining curly hair my new job?

An Indian curlie’s take on the world of twists and whirls I work in an office with a lot of chic, cosmopolitan ladies. Hair is one of the topics of conversation that keep popping up and all of us throw our three cents (or three paise as the case may be!) into the ring. Shampoos, […]

Entire Wedding on an iPhone is it a myth

DSLR vs iPhone covering an entire wedding on an iPhone. Wedding photography and wedding highlights video are popular deliverables with most candid photographer teams that I know of in Bangalore. While it is possible to do both videos and photos with most types of cameras there isnt one single camera that completely gets the job […]

Five tips to have a successful wedding flash mob

Flash mobs are the rage at weddings. Adding that dash of surprise and wonder, they add that memorable touch to your wedding reception. What better way to immortalise your day, involve your loved ones and relive the fun when you watch your wedding video? Here’s a quick checklist to help ensure your shaadi (wedding) flash […]

A bride’s guide to Koramangala

Koramangala—a suburb of Bangalore, now Bengaluru—often has a reputation for being ‘happening’. Clubs, pubs, eating joints and a lively stream of hip Bangaloreans frequent the area making it a popular spot for weekend revelry. How often I’ve heard friends ask ‘Where to?’ on a Saturday night and the answer is often ‘Koramangala!’ After more than […]

Baby Photography

Babies are so adorable and a pleasure to photograph. Everybody loves photographing babies. Professional shoots might be a little more challenging but at the same time it’s so rewarding to capture beautiful moments of our little ones. Some of the things I do: Carry are a tonne of props (baby accessories, flooring, different background colours, carpets, etc.,); I also […]

Glamour Wedding Photography Bangalore

Fashion style professional wedding photograph & Glamour Wedding Photography Bangalore. India’s top wedding photographers in Bangalore bring their experience to the most beautiful fashion style Wedding Photography Shoots in Bangalore. Glamour Wedding Photography Timeless Wedding Moments brings our agency photography and portraiture crew and experience to create fashion photography portfolio shoots for wedding couples. The photo-shoots are […]